Heart Failure & Transplant

Heart Failure & Transplant

Get expert info, diagnoses, treatment for chronic, acute, congestive heart failure. Heart surgery, heart transplant options.

Heart Failure & Transplant

An Award-Winning Approach

  • Our heart failure program won two national awards from the American Heart Association for the quality and effectiveness of our treatment guidelines. We’ve reduced recovery time and readmission rates for our heart failure patients by implementing important steps that include:

    • Device therapy (pacemakers and ICDs)
    • Follow-up appointments within several days of hospital discharge
    • Flu and pneumonia vaccinations
    • Patient education materials about heart failure management and readmission rates

    Read more about why our heart failure team won.

Heart Failure: A Patient's Story

Heart Failure Treatment

Heart failure treatments at UVA.When Mark Wolf developed heart failure, his doctors told him that he needed a heart transplant. We implanted an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) to help manage his heart failure while he waits for a new heart.  

Watch Mark's story of surviving heart failure.

Find out about heart failure treatment options at UVA.

Heart Transplant

  • When medication and device implants may not be enough to treat your heart failure, a heart transplant may be necessary. UVA is Virginia’s top transplant center — we’ve performed more than 300 transplants to date. 

    Learn more about UVA's comprehensive transplant center.

Support for Heart Failure Patients

Heart Health at Home

This free program provides follow-up care and support for patients recently discharged from the hospital.

Certified nursing assistants who specialize in cardiac care visit you Monday through Saturday for the first five days after discharge and return two or three days a week throughout your first month at home.

After the first month, your at home care team sets up visits on an as-needed basis.

To be eligible for this program, you must live within 60 miles of Charlottesville.

Heart Failure Care Without the Hassle of Travel

  • If traveling to UVA is inconvenient, we'll work with healthcare providers near you to schedule routine care like lab work, sleep studies and echocardiograms closer to home.

    If you have a device implant, we’ll work with our device team to make sure your appointments with the heart failure team and the device team are scheduled on one day.

    And if you need to be admitted to the hospital, we have a special in-patient unit staffed with nurses with extra education in heart failure treatment.


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Transplants and devices are options for heart failure patients.

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