Innominate Artery Disease

Innominate artery disease involves blockages in the artery that supplies blood to the right arm, head and neck. Also known as the brachiocephalic artery, the innominate artery is the first branch from the aortic arch that carries blood away from the heart.

Diagnosis & Treatment at UVA

At UVA, we can diagnose you by using these tests:

  • Doppler and ultrasound imaging
  • Computed tomography (CT) scan
  • Angiography

Your healthcare provider can help choose an appropriate treatment.


During an endarctecectomy, your surgeon remove the plaque that’s narrowing or blocking the aortic arch. Endarctectomies are not common

Angioplasty and Stenting 

Angioplasty requires a balloon to inflate inside the artery and open the artery walls. A stent helps to keep the artery open.

Bypass Grafting

This surgical procedure creates a bypass from the ascending aorta beyond the blockage to the carotid arteries or to the innominate artery.


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