About the UVA Heart & Vascular Center

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The UVA Heart and Vascular Center is home to some of the most respected cardiologists, heart and vascular surgeons and care teams in the field.

Watch Louis' story about getting heart treatment at UVA.

Your Heart and Vascular Team

We operate one of the largest and most active heart and vascular centers in the region, but we give each patient a personalized care plan. Our team provides excellent care through a comprehensive, collaborative approach.

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UVA's Heart and Vascular Surgery Expertise

  • Surgeons and cardiologists who provide care to thousands of patients every year
  • More chest surgery operations than any program in the state and more than most in the nation
  • More angioplasties (a procedure to widen narrowed or blocked blood vessels) of the superior mesenteric artery than anyone else in the country
  • More complicated open aortic procedures than any practice in the state
  • One of only a few centers in the country that treat high-performance athletes with vascular conditions

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UVA Cardiology: Imaging & Screenings

We offer advanced heart and vascular imaging technology to help us diagnose your condition with the least amount of radiation exposure possible and tailor your treatment.

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